Building your own house?

If you feel that self-building your own house might be right for you, a good place to begin is to take a look at Sally and Jim Build a House. The book clearly illustrates in real time the actual process of building a house in the traditional way using bricks and mortar. It describes each scenario as it actually happens, finding a building plot, engaging a designer, dealing with material quantities, finding, and employing the various trades people. The building process is shown in the correct chronological order with each trade and their materials being dealt with as they are required. The text and illustrations clearly describe the day-to-day environment found on a typical building site. The author has based the information described in the book on forty years of experience in designing and building houses. During this long career the author has gained a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of house construction and design. In recent years he has become a regular contributor to a leading self-build magazine.

Sally and Jim Build a House is available to purchase either here or on Amazon.

Buy the Plans

If you have read the book and like the house Sally and Jim build, the plans are available in two packs.

The planning pack includes six sets of 1:100 scale drawings ready for submission to the planners.

Once you have planning permission the Building Regulation Pack is also available. This pack includes eight sets of plans of the house showing full compliance with the current building regulations.

In addition there are the structural calculations and a Bill of Quantities clearly listing all materials required to complete the build.

If you wish to buy the book or the house plans please get in touch, see the contact us page.

More information can be found in the official planning permission website: