Thinking about a self build?

If you have ever considered building your own house, there really is no reason why you shouldn't give it a try. Even if you are lacking in any practical skills or knowledge of house building, you will still find it is achievable. These days there is so much information readily available, be it online, in books or self-build magazines. For the first time house builder, the day to day managing of the project may be viewed as a potential headache, but this should not be the case. Even those who view the prospect of self building with horror it would still make economic sense by engaging a professional manager to deal with the site supervision. Particularly when one considers the possible saving of around 20% over buying a house already built, for this reason alone, self-building has to be given serious thought. Probably the greatest reason to make the decision to build is that you end up living in a house in which you would have had a hand in both it's design and construction.

Here at we try to offer encouragement and practical advice to self builders by offering guidance on most aspects of building a house. All questions are dealt with by email and if they are straight forward we will respond with an answer usually with fourteen days, we make no charge for this service. Please note that the advice we supply is based solely on the information you have emailed to us. We recommend that any guidance we provide is checked by a local surveyor who is able to see at first hand that your email to us clearly describes the problem.

If your question is more complex we may request further information before providing an answer. We make a charge for this service and will inform you of the cost prior to providing a technical reply.

If detailed drawings are required or possibly structural calculations we will inform you of the scale of charges before undertaking the work.